Pete Mosley

“Your Get Published event in London really inspired me, and your advice was timely. I'm more than happy to endorse your courses and advice. If you'd like to use my book as a success story, I'd be delighted. Should hit the shelves early/mid summer.”

Steve Wheelan

“Thanks for a fantastic and thought provoking day – it’s given me lots to think about….”

Patricia Olds

“Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed your excellent course, and all the interaction with other like-minded people yesterday.”

Jane Lumley

“I want to thank you for your Get Published Workshop. Your informal and expert approach made for an inspiring and clear presentation. Now I have the tools I need, so I have no excuses now! I will be keen to absorb more of your gems at future events.”

Laurelle Rond

“Thank you so much for an inspiring and informative workshop on Saturday. I no longer feel that I'm wading through a swamp in my desire to get published – or if I am, there are at least some stepping stones that have been placed through it!”