The Game of Life

Author: Andy Cope
Paperback: 48 pages
Pub Date: 1 Dec 2011
ISBN-13: 978-1907798-09-2
Product Dimensions: 14.6 x 10.2 x 0.6 cm


About this book

Following the success of Andy Cope's ‘A Brilliant Life', this is another little gem making ‘Positive Psychology' accessible to teenagers. The Game of Life is a positive book, aimed at teenagers helping them cope with the pressures they're under and the changes they face. It is a gentle, easy to read story which challenges teenagers to think about their approach to life. It asks what is it that positive, upbeat people do? And how do they maintain it in a world that is often relentlessly challenging and exhausting?

The book's underlying message shows simple behavioural changes that all teenagers can apply to learn to be positive. And it shows how having a positive, confident, upbeat approach will give you a stronger chance of having a better and happier life!

As Andy says: Young people are under a great deal of pressure. School, homework, exams, teachers, parents, relationships, looking good, hormones, peer pressure…. It's very easy slip into ‘whatever' mode. From the outside looking in, teens can sometimes come across as a bit, you know, negative? Do you catch yourself saying that life's unfair? Or that you are a victim of having too much homework? Or that teachers are picking on you for no reason? Or blaming your mum when you can't find your favourite shirt? Thought so!

The problem comes when young people grow into older people but they forget to lose the bad habits. When you're aged 40 and you're still complaining that life's unfair and that you've got too much work and that nobody's ironed your favourite shirt, then you've got a more serious problem. Because life will be passing you by. So what? Well, I guess the aim of this little book is to make you think about your life. And your habits. If you consistently get into great habits such as being positive and taking personal responsibility then quite simply, you load the dice in your favour. This book is Rhiannna's story. Rhianna got it. I really hope you do too.