MindStore: MP3 Audiobook


Enjoy 7 ½ hours of the classic personal development programme on MP3!

Jack Black’s original and bestselling MindStore book has been helping people to change and improve their lives for more than twenty years. This classic and unique life-changing personal development programme has been experienced by more than 350,000 people worldwide.

Now, in 2014, Jack has revisited the classic text and recorded this audiobook edition, with additional insights and observations from delivering the Mindstore programme over two decades.

So now you can download the files, load them up on your phone, tablet, computer, or any other device that will play MP3s, and start listening to the brilliant Mindstore programme in a matter of minutes.

  • Increase your self-esteem and develop a new confidence that will inspire those around you
  • Develop unshakeable self-belief and rid yourself of doubt and indecision
  • Control stress, to achieve better health and regain a natural zest for life
  • Find new direction, to get out of the rut and back on track
  • Keep focused on your goals and be inspired to take action to achieve them
  • Tap into your natural intuition for creative problem solving in both your career and personal life

Includes both recorded and live versions of the visualisation exercises that will help you to build and make use of your House on the Right Bank