Baby Led Weaning

Author: Julie Clark
Paperback: 120 pages
Pub Date: 21 Apr 2014
ISBN-13: 978-1907798-58-0
Product Dimensions: 23.2 x 17.8 x 1.2 cm


About this book

Join baby Rosie as she takes you through her journey of learning to self-feed, with detailed diary and pictures of her progress. See what Rosie's Mum gives her to eat as you witness her development from very first mouthful to complete plate of good, wholesome food. Baby led weaning is natural, safe and hugely beneficial.

Make your life easier, say no to purees and weaning kits and let your baby enjoy the benefits of Baby-Led Weaning including:

Healthy relationship with food
Improved speech development
Reduced risk of obesity
Early development of hand to eye coordination
Joining in with the family at meal times

Registered Nutritionist Julie Clark provides you with all the nutritional information you need to ensure your baby is eating a healthy, balanced diet.

First week menu
Shopping List
Food Labels
Allergy Guide

“I would highly recommend baby-led weaning having weaned my own children using this method. As a GP I often see the result of poor diet and lifestyle, so seeing a baby develop a healthy relationship with food from the offset using the baby-led weaning method is something I feel should be promoted. The advantages I have experienced with my own children include relaxed family mealtimes and a real enjoyment of food. They also make very healthy food choices without me having to ‘badger’ them! Eating together is a real pleasure. I attended Julie’s Happy Little Eaters course and found the information invaluable. I would recommend this excellent step-by-step guide to any parent or health care worker.”

Doctor Hannah Warren

“Julie’s book is a welcome and invaluable guide for any parent or health care professional wanting to know exactly what Baby-Led Weaning entails, coupled with excellent nutritional advice for the whole family.
Baby-Led Weaning, is not a new concept. I have been recommending this method for a number of years and continue to be amazed at how skilled babies are at eating, making choices and regulating their appetites.

For many years, the guidance, unfortunately, was to wean early – and as babies were not developmentally ready to feed themselves, spoon feeding and purées were introduced. Following extensive research which showed that babies’ nutritional needs were best met by an exclusive milk diet until 6 months of age (which coincides with most babies learning to sit, reach out and chew) the guidelines were changed in 2003.”

Penny Lazell
RGN RHV Independent Health Visitor and Children’s Sleep Consultant